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Staffordshire Police ran a procurement to find a Strategic Partner that would not only run their IT function but also develop the market for IT services jointly with them in the Public Sector and in Bluelight services. For their bids the companies required an exhaustive cost model and Staffordshire needed an evaluation tool. Our specialist experience in building these models and constructing contracts relating to charges and invoicing was required.

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iso has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification and has successfully retained this standard since 2008.

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Book Reviews

Read our latest reviews - The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande and The 4-Hour work week by Timothy Ferriss

The Checklist Manifesto is a review of the impact checklists have had on improving project outcomes across multiple industries. Atul Gawande, uses real life examples, and hard data to make his case, the result is compelling.

In the 4 Hour work week Timothy Ferriss considers himself to be a 'Lifestyle architect'. That statement alone will ensure that half our readership will move on to the next review. For those that remain, Ferriss' central belief is that we spend too much time at work, and not enough time on the activities that fulfil us.

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