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About Us

For over fifteen years ValueAdding.com Limited has specialised in supporting organisations to deliver transformational growth, change and improvement. A consistently profitable medium sized company we work in both private and public sectors, tailoring our services to individual sectors and client circumstances.

Our success as a business and as partners in transformation stems from the knowledge and ability of our people and a combination of our values, skills and experience which are summarised below. Our involvement with clients ranges from very large, long term relationships to smaller but 'geared-up' projects where relatively light touch consulting support contributes significantly to wider transformational programmes.



Our company name was deliberately chosen firstly to reflect our desire to add value to our clients' operations. Secondly it reflects our firm belief in the concept of Value Add as a description of those aspects of a service that the public value; maximising these key elements of a service is central to our overall approach.

Tailored approach: We work with our clients in ways tailored to their specific needs and wishes. Our style is collaborative, rigorous and practical. It is underpinned by sound methodologies and comprehensive understanding of management thinking but it is not dogmatic and over-formulaic.

Flexible: We contribute in ways ranging from overall programme leadership and control through to narrower technical expertise – as required by the given situation. In all cases we aim to contribute our broad expertise through formal or informal advice.

Challenge and contribute: We do so constructively at all stages of our involvement, harnessing the best of our expertise to do so, from before we formally engage through to post-project back up and review. We will not take on business that we believe is not in our clients' interests.

Over Deliver: We aim to over-deliver compared to the formal brief.

Skills Transfer: We passionately believe in skills transfer and capability development amongst our clients' staff – and always seek to deliver this as an outcome from our work.

Openess: We are open and transparent in our dealings with our clients.

Active Directors: Our active directors retain involvement in client project work bringing to bear their specific skills and experience around successful transformation.

Value fit: When recruiting, 'values fit' takes precedence over all other factors.



Successful projects require a combination of strong core skills and competencies, supplemented by specific technical expertise. Our consultants have exactly this, thanks to a vast range of complementary experience and knowledge at senior levels in both consulting and line management roles including at Chief Executive level. This gives us the real-life experience of the full range of aspects of bringing about successful transformation. It enables us to provide the right consultant for your project, blending teams where appropriate to ensure the right mix of skills and working styles for you.

Our Team: We are able to bring their expertise to bear a wide range of service areas, and across our full range of tools and techniques.

Train and Develop: We train and develop our team on a continuing basis, helping them to become more broadly and deeply expert in the components and totality of the transformation agenda.

Solutions: Our skills base supports us in developing solutions to meet client needs, heeding the lessons of best practice, rather than slavishly applying the same solution regardless of local context,

Wisdom: Our methodologies are only as good as the skills and wisdom of the people using them or training our clients to do so.

Our Partnerships: Complex problems sometimes require more technical solutions. ValueAdding.com understands the need to offer complete business solutions to our clients, and have developed a number of strategic partnerships with companies that hold similar values to ourselves. This means that we can offer skills and expertise in areas such as ICT solutions which are designed and delivered to meet business needs, through to Executive Coaching to ensure the executive team are driving their organisations forward effectively and with professional support.



Our team combines operational and managerial experience across both public and private sector environments, and across a range of services. In addition the combined decades of consultancy experience across the company, has seen us implement solutions in many different contexts and situations.

The breadth of our experience, and the wide range of projects that we are exposed to, ensures that are experiences are constantly refreshed, and we are able to draw on a host of examples both practical and theoretical when tackling projects. This gives us the real-life experience of the full range of aspects of bringing about successful transformation.

Established Expertise: Our staff and associates are recruited on the basis of their established expertise and knowledge; we aim to 'educate our clients' not vice-versa.

Extend the Benefits: We seek to extend the benefits of our experience to our clients, by making use of case studies and briefing notes on examples of best practice and new learning,

Continuing Development: We are committed to continuing development, and pursue this through formal training and more practical exposure to new areas of work, to ensure experience is spread across the organisation and to our clients wherever possible.


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