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Help us to sell our business better - marketing specialists

The ValueAdding group (consisting of three businesses,, ValueAdding Learning and ValueAdding Systems) is keen to hear from marketing specialists who have the skills to contribute directly to our growth.

Often working on their own initiative but liaising with our partners and employees they will be responsible for designing and delivering a range of tasks with the objective of building brand awareness and generating sales.

They will have excellent written communication and presentation skills and be numerate, with the ability to analyse and present data that will, in turn, inform our future marketing activities.

The key activities fall into two groups and we are interested in hearing from people who can fulfil either one or both. The activities are not exhaustive and we are keen to hear from people who can bring alternative and innovative ideas to our marketing strategies. For the right specialists and after a period, the scope of these roles can expand to include providing more strategic advice and comprehensive brand management. 

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Consultants wanted!

We are in demand and are looking for full-time Consultants to help our business grow.

We are commercially focussed people using our skills and experience to help public and private sector organisations to improve the way they work and in so doing reduce their costs, improve their services or manage increased demand.

In the public sector, we work with councils, housing associations, government agencies and bluelight services by helping them identify opportunities for transformative change and then supporting them as they implement those changes.

Our commercial clients work in a range of sectors including manufacturing and communications. The focus of our support is on profit improvement through cost reduction or productivity increases, often generated by the implementation of new software support systems which require process design and functional specifications prior to installation.

In addition, we use our pragmatic experience to develop and deliver training for clients, the objective being to help them be self-sufficient in the skills and techniques we routinely deploy.

The nature of our work is highly variable, we happily work on short diagnostic assignments as well as longer term project and programme management appointments. The clients’ requirements always determine our approach.

Because of our commitment to them, our clients value us and trust us to be objective and supportive in these challenging times.

We need more help; can you do what we do? If you have a strong background in change, transformation, improvement, project management, or lean and are passionate about supporting people and organisations through transformative change, we’d like to talk to you.

Whilst your most recent experience will be important to us, we will be more interested in your attitude, your willingness to solve problems and finally your aspirations to grow our business by continually doing right by our clients.

We appreciate you may want to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will read any that we receive, but of more interest will be to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. describing why you think you will fit in with our way of working, what skills you will bring and importantly how you will help us to grow.

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