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AoC Create

AoC Create is a provider for a range of development and resourcing services for the further education sector. We work closely with colleges to provide the best and most cost effective solutions for their needs. We have over 20 years of experience within further education and, alongside our close ties with the Association of Colleges, it means we have that extra understanding of colleges’ needs and the broader sector.

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Policy Partners Project

We have a proven track record with extensive experience of working in adult social care settings, safeguarding adults teams and partner agency organisations, including senior management, safeguarding, complex case management, research and policy and procedure development.

We work with you to ensure your product reflects current legislation and statutory and other national guidance, as well as local services, structures and practices.

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Zafire is a young dynamic company software solutions provider that has established an impressive track record for developing bespoke solutions that consistently improve operational performance for its Aviation and Service Management clients. Our mission is to ensure that all of our customers maximise their potential by providing them with the tools that they need and that exactly match their requirements. Zafire provides robust and cost-effective solutions that are developed by industry experts to solve industry problems. There is no wasted effort and no wasted time, only proven expertise. What's more in partnership with ValueAdding.com, our Professional Services division we will be with you every step of the way, from planning, design, and process reengineering, to creation, training, and implementation.

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Azolve is a proven and expanding consulting and technology company that specialises in business improvement solutions and we worked closely with them to develop our on line Rough-cut Activity Based Costing data collection system. We now work together in BPR / Lean projects to identify possible workflow solutions to process problems.

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Redwood Learning

Redwood Learning is a leading Organisational Development (OD) Consultancy business. We have a track record of supporting Business Leaders bring about lasting behavioural changes and personal growth in themselves and their businesses. We work with people, the 'most valuable' asset most business have, to release potential; create ownership and alignment; build connections and quality conversations; leading to the delivery of business performance and strategy.

Working alongside ValueAdding.com we seek to create a more holistic offering to our Client's change and business challenges.

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rol Solutions Ltd

rol is a leading provider of solutions that engage, enable and empower citizens and the community. With over ten years' experience of working with central government, local authorities, partnerships, businesses and community groups, we are experts in applying new technology to help overcome the barriers that prevent people from getting involved in local democracy.

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SPRINT is a change and innovation method developed specifically for the public sector. It is the core of a suite of initiatives designed to foster learning and best-practice in public sector renewal. It is underpinned by a philosophy that sees successful public-sector change as emanating from a fertile environment in which leading-edge knowledge, methods and techniques are made available.

We have developed a one day training course in Rough-cut Activity Based Costing that supports the SPRINT methodology and we support their work by speaking at or attending their meetings.

SPRINT website

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