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Email: Partners to the commercial sector

Our commercial clients operate in a number of sectors from manufacturing to service and in industries ranging from aerospace to finance and software development to environmental energy production.

For these client groups we are able to offer independent and informed advice in several different areas:

Sales and Operational Planning

Business Case Development

Marketing Services

Process Efficiency

Change Management

We know that one size does not fit all but there are common approaches that companies can benefit from, when tailored to specific needs and wishes and the experience of our consultants is sufficiently wide-ranging and pragmatic to suit most environments.

We understand that the overall objective consists of three elements; Growing Sales, Reducing Costs and Generating Cash. The question is why such a simple statement of intent is so difficult to achieve and crucially how can all three be achieved at the same time.

Crucially we use our experience and techniques to help organisations see the end to end picture that is so often missing:

Why do sales continue to sell that which manufacturing cannot produce?

How can the company orientate its processes so that the customers' needs are continually at the forefront of everybody's mind?

For more detail visit our pages linked to the three commercial objectives listed.

We have flexibility in the types of support we provide - from training existing internal teams in tools and techniques; mentoring and supporting staff to delivering projects and where required, giving an intensive lead on situation analysis or project delivery.


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