Growing Sales

Growing Sales

The problem is...

Every organisation wants to grow its sales, for most Managing Directors this is the main issue that keeps them awake at night; the question is how it should be done as any strategy will be influenced by a number of market factors:

  • Are you planning to sell to existing customers or new ones?
  • Do you have new products or are you selling a current range?

Then there are questions about resources:

  • Do you know which the cheapest routes to market are?
  • Is your in house expertise appropriate for the job in hand?

Most important is knowledge of the customers' requirements:

  • Why do customers buy your products or services?
  • What is it that customers really want?

Whilst understanding the competition can give you an edge:

  • Do you know who the competition is?
  • Can you differentiate yourself from them?

Why you should talk to

We help organisation by working with Sales and Marketing staff to help them develop, implement and monitor plans that are designed to grow sales. Our external, objective viewpoint gives your staff an extra edge as we help you to understand:

  • What your customers really think
  • Where the markets for your products and services are
  • How best to communicate to them
  • Why you can beat the competition

Our work is designed to help improve the skills and capabilities of your staff at the same time as developing practical solutions for your organisation. We aim to transfer our skills to you so that the work can continue after we have left. Every organisation we work with has the same overall problem of "how to grow sales"; we can help you to identify how you can solve it quicker.

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