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Elizabeth Bertoya

Elizabeth is a professional engineer and manager, with a wide range of experience in operational, project and change management to board level in a variety of sectors. Since 1996 she has worked as a management consultant helping organisations in industrial, service and public sectors to achieve sustained performance improvement. Her focus is on continuous and sustained performance improvement through the use of Lean or Systems Thinking techniques, which she developed from the manufacturing sector to apply in service and public sector companies. She is passionate about knowledge transfer and so develops and delivers courses, seminars and workshops supporting these projects.

Elizabeth has also been a Non-Executive Director of DVLA, VOSA and the Driver Vehicle Operator (DVO) Group, within the DfT. She has extensive audit & risk management experience, including chairing the VOSA Audit & Risk Management Committee. She was instrumental in implementing the DVO modernisation agenda, joining up government across the diverse group of agencies providing private and commercial motorist and vehicle services.

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