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It is what we do and the way that we do it...

To contradict the old cliché, we bring both substance and style to our work. We enjoy operating as true partners, supporting a diverse set of clients across private and public sectors deliver real performance improvements.

We are clear thinking, highly experienced, positively challenging, and adaptable to individual needs and circumstances.

Through focused & proportionate effort we deliver sound business cases, insightful yet practical solutions, and demonstrable benefits.

As a result of some of our outstanding long-term work with them, some of our clients have even joined us in formal partnerships, delivering services to other organisations with shared staffing and approaches.

Explore our website or contact us to find out if we're the difference you might be looking for. Partners in Transformation operates within the public and private sectors and has enabled clients to achieve award winning transformation such as 'Customer Service Award Winner for Service Innovation 2009'.

We recognise that one size does not fit all, but that there are common approaches that services can benefit from, when tailored to clients specific needs and wishes. Our style is collaborative, rigorous and practical. It is underpinned by sound methodologies and comprehensive understanding of management thinking but it is not dogmatic and over-formulaic.

We are experts in transformation and apply the techniques of lean supplemented with other business techniques appropriate to the business challenge, this includes:

Strategy Development: Is the strategy aligned to the organisation's values, its market place and its vision? Are the departmental and service strategies aligned and complimentary? Do improvement and business plans support the delivery of the Strategy?

Business Case Development through Rough Cut Activity Based Costing: Understanding the mountains of cost not molehills and therefore the opportunities for 'real' savings. Building a case for change is essential to achieve transformation;

Process understanding, modelling and analysis from the customers' perspective: What are the activities that add value to the customer? Analysing the process against World Class principles of Right First Time and One Touch Processing

Customer Insight: Understanding trends in customer preference and behaviours, such as channel preference.

Change Management and Organisation Development: Supporting the management team in delivering and embedding change, using tools and techniques to ensure change is adopted and benefits are realised and a legacy of change is retained. We plan and support active management and communication of stakeholders and senior management

Performance & Service Management: Designing services that can be measured, that deliver against customer requirements and strategy and operations can monitor and manage delivery.

Implementation & Operational Planning: Designing the organisation to deliver the designed service, quantifying the required resource in terms of skill and capacity. Providing the impetus, techniques and drive to deliver changes through successful managed implementation.

Benefits Realisation: Clear success criteria planning and agreement needs to be built into the business case and through clear performance and service management, benefits tracked and communicated effectively.

Priority Led Budgeting: Working in partnership with Chorley Council to reduce costs whilst improve and protect frontline services.

We have flexibility in the support we provide - from training existing transformation teams in tools and techniques; mentoring and supporting staff to delivering transformation projects ad intensive consultant led project delivery.

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