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Our Adult Social Care Offer

We have developed a menu of service offerings designed to deliver results quickly and effectively, working with in house teams providers and commissioners to transfer skills and to ensure a step-change in performance:

  • Early implementation pilots
  • Implementing Reablement Services
  • Implementing Customer Contact services
  • Designing Customer Journeys and Pathways
  • Support Planning
  • Transition between Children's and Adult Services
  • Personal Budgets
  • Modelling
  • Service improvement training
  • Collaborative work and benchmarking
  • Health Checks
  • Transition support and critical friendship
  • Project and Interim Management
  • Full service transformation
  • Service Review of outsourced partners
  • Options appraisal, in-source, out-source or share


Adult Social Care: Improving Service and Reducing Costs


Working collaboratively with councils we have been able to help them achieve significant outcomes. Two Case Studies describe our recent work in Reablement and Initial Contact.

See our Case Studies and Papers.


Adult Social Care has worked extensively in a number of Adult Social Care related environments in Local Authorities, PCTs and other health bodies across the UK. Our experience has highlighted some common themes which, from discussions with other councils, we believe have relevance to the wider Social Care community.

Social Care teams face an array of internal and external challenges which stem from the need to "serve two masters" – rising numbers of service users who have the right to expect easily accessible and seamlessly delivered support; and a changing regulatory environment that demands demonstrable efficiency improvements whilst adhering to statutory performance targets. As a result we've often come across a range of "typical" symptoms:

  • Not enough staff to undertake the work required
  • Increasing demand on the service through more clients and budget pressures
  • The rationing of service provision
  • Social Workers not doing social work but "paperwork" or "administration"
  • Low staff morale and difficulty recruiting and retaining staff
  • Duplication of records and information
  • Implementing the personalisation of care
  • Difficulties managing change because of being bogged down in existing processes

These symptoms and challenges are present in an ever changing environment. At Ltd we've helped our clients develop radical new processes and ways of working that address the root-causes of the symptoms we've described, leading for example to increased net capacities and greatly increased speed. To do so we've successfully challenged deeply entrenched assumptions about roles, responsibilities and the ability to simplify bureaucracy whilst still complying with statutory requirements.

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