Helping Forces Build a new Model for Policing

Policing is undergoing significant challenge to change the model for delivery. With the current requirement across the Service to drive short term cost reductions, with the transition from Police Authority to Crime Commissioners it is difficult for Forces to agree to a single vision for the long term future of policing.

What is clear however is the operating model for Policing must change.

There is an acceptance that the future model of policing and the technology, processes and systems that support it, will develop over an extended period which must align around a core set of principles.

• To provide a simpler policing structure to enable re-engagement with the public

• To maximise the value within core local policing processes

• To provide all other non local operational policing services from the most appropriate delivery unit which may not be the Force or the service

• To reduce the cost of operational and business support processes

• To enable early adoption of flexible delivery vehicles for business support and operational support processes

• To provide a platform for the future sharing of operational resources within the wider public service.

Forces will take a number of paths to achieve the same end goal, however whatever path each Force takes, these underpinning principles must be tested.

We are well placed to support Forces on their journey, providing strong experience and knowledge of the Policing sector to help develop and assess the case for change including the development of new operating models across front, middle and back office functions and processes, to ensure Forces adopt the right path on the transformation journey.

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