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Early Realisation of Benefits

Implementation meetingWe understand that the implementation of change is the most difficult part of any redesign or systems thinking project which is why we begin preparing for implementation at the very start of any project. In all of our projects we formally begin the implementation module at the initial kick-off meeting in week one.

We identify implementation resources including Project Board Members, Project Manager, Work Stream Leaders and Work Stream Team Members.

The implementation plan will be developed continuously throughout the project and we will advise on 'quick win' opportunities where appropriate - we won't wait until the start of the implementation stage if benefits can be realised earlier.

We don't believe in handing over a list of recommendations at the end of the 'To Be' stage leaving you wondering how to deliver them! Instead, we ensure that you are set-up and ready to implement the changes.

Successful Set Up

Once the 'To Be' recommendations have been clearly defined and signed off we divide the changes into manageable bite size chunks called work streams. We then work with staff to understand and agree how the changes will be made, who will be responsible for delivering them and by when. We identify any risks associated with the changes and identify key measures in order to realise the expected benefits. We have found that this approach helps develop buy-in and ownership from staff.

Training and communication to staff, customers and stakeholders is key to successful implementation and staff will be encouraged to build provisions for this into their plans.

Implementation Plan

Finally, we co-ordinate the work stream plans and complete the overall implementation plan. This will enable the Project Manager to track progress and ensure that key milestone dates are met. The plans will be discussed and handed over to the Project Manager as part of our implementation pack, which also includes a range of project management templates.

We have used this approach successfully with a number of clients, including three of the National Process Improvement Project Pathfinder authorities following BPI reviews in Planning. All three councils are now successfully delivering the changes.

Keeping on Track – Supporting Your Project Manager

We understand from our clients that regular support and challenges from an external viewpoint can help to ensure that the implementation project is on track. We monitor the key milestone dates and check your progress against the target performance measures to ensure that improvements are made on time and that the agreed benefits are realised as expected.

We will also set up go-live dates to co-ordinate with our visits and will work with small groups of staff to implement the changes as this continues to promote buy in and ownership from staff.

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