Interim Managers

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Interim Managers

For many organisations interim managers represent a positive solution to problems. Interim managers are not "the recruitment of last resort" but a positive step taken to resolve a problem, stabilise a situation or make changes.

We believe that organisations want interim managers who can start quickly and understand the context in which they are operating straightaway; in order to be as effective as possible. The benefits from using our interim managers include:

  • A quick start – an interim manager can usually start with very short notice
  • Fewer recruitment processes to follow
  • Very experienced managers
  • Qualified managers
  • Deliver consistently and quickly
  • Skills transfer from the interim to the organisation
  • Can be given a critical task on which to focus
  • Help keep down permanent head count
  • Highly cost-effective

That means they need to have relevant experience, be robust and engaging in their behaviour and willing to be measured by results.

Whether your organisation operates in the public or commercial sectors we can offer you interim managers with experience to match from Chief Executive to Operational Manager. We have experienced Project Managers, Programme Managers, Interim Managers, Executives and Contractors.

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