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Enabling the success of a Charter Market franchise

Reviewing past performance and planning future improvement to deliver results

St Albans City and District Council holds a Charter Market franchise to run markets throughout the year. The Charter Markets are probably amongst the largest outside of London and are of enormous importance to the local economy, the sense of place and community identity. The council needed to undertake a review of the markets’ performance in order to gain a detailed understanding of how they operated and how they might be changed and improved in the coming years.

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Data Mining for Southwark Council

An evidence-based approach to Welfare Reform

Southwark has taken a proactive approach to Welfare Reform, securing flagship status for its work on Universal Credit with the DWP. Driven to find practical, pragmatic, and positive solutions to the impact of the reforms, Southwark engaged the services of

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Implementing CRM - FREE white paper

Top Tips, Principles and Lessons Learned

This FREE white paper describes a route map for success which, if followed, will allow organisations and staff within them to build a system that will help them to better understand their customers’ behaviours and then properly manage their interactions with them.

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Dual Capabilities of ABC

Product Costing and Efficiency Identification

Our client, an examination board, quickly understood that – in a highly competitive market – such change would have a significant impact on how they deployed their resources and would require, for example, the realignment of those resources, changes to working practices and above all, a thorough understanding of the costs involved in producing and marking examinations...

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MADITU Leadership Development Programme

Releasing the leadership potential in every employee at Croydon Council

With a view to achieving a target of £100M in savings by 2018, Croydon Council’s Incomes and Revenues team was keen to develop the leadership potential waiting to be released in each of their employees, whilst recognising that any employee can become a leader and every employee can make (and can be keen to make) a difference.

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Is IT our ‘saviour’ when it comes to implementing Business Process Reengineering (BPR)...

...or are we missing the point?

In years gone by the golden rules of implementing Business Process Reengineering (BPR) were "don’t spend any money" and "don’t use IT".

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Business Process Redesign and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Deployment for Wood Group Kenny, Consulting Engineers

Following the failure of an earlier attempt to implement Oracle ERP, Wood Group Kenny invited to provide independent, technical and practical support as they sought to design and deploy a new IT system which would prove fit for purpose.

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Licensing Review for Watford Borough Council

Lean business processes, efficiency and licensing expertise from

Watford Borough Council undertook a review of its licensing services in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as generate cashable savings and they wanted support to achieve this.

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An Examination of Vehicle Tracking Data

Achieving Optimal Utilisation of Waste and Recycling Lorries for a Large Council

A large council appointed to assist them with the analysis of their vehicle utilisation with a view to acquiring evidence to support their intuition that their waste and recycling lorries might be utilised much more efficiently and effectively across their jurisdiction.

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Sustainable Improvement through Skills Transfer and Practical Learning

A Review of Brighton & Hove City Council’s Human Resources and Organisational Development Service

Brighton & Hove City Council was seeking an external partner with an engaging, flexible and collaborative approach to assist with a review of its Human Resources and Organisational Development Service (HR&OD). Driving this review was Brighton & Hove’s own recognition that current systems and processes could be more effective and have a positive impact overall in organisational efficiency, cost effectiveness and staff performance.

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Supply chain review for a busy and complex business

Building an evidence-based case for strategic improvement

Our client was successfully managing housing stock on behalf of a local authority but was keen to review its supply chain and Direct Labour organisation (DLO) operating models, with a view to identifying opportunities for short-term improvement and for future strategic change to its operating model.

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Welfare Reform and local government: managing complex change for the greater good

Delivering positive outcomes for all with a brand new operating model

Our consultant was appointed as the Welfare Reform project director, working closely with council employees to effect seamless and smooth change in response to Welfare Reform in the London Borough of Croydon.

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Knowledge and Skills Transfer in action

Building a business case for Shared Services

As part of a local government initiative to cut costs, a small group of staff from two neighbouring councils were brought together to form a brand new Business Improvement Team and tasked with developing a business case for shared services (and savings) across both jurisdictions. was appointed as the new team’s trainer and critical friend.

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Less is More

Designing the ideal office space to revolutionise how and where people work at St. Albans City & District Council

For St. Albans, vacating the ground floor of their threestorey council offices was – quite literally – a very wise move. As well as providing additional income from the new ground floor tenant, the move presented the council with a fantastic opportunity to rationalise and redesign their working environment to achieve the ideal office.

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As easy as ABC

Our Activity Based Costing (ABC) model enhances exceptional performance at Tunstall

When your client is the world’s leading provider of telehealthcare solutions, it’s a given that excellence and innovation are embedded across the organisation. In her quest to achieve ever-increasing productivity and ever-improving processes, Lynsey Ward, Business Transformation Manager at Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd, deployed one of ValueAdding’s ABC models.

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How the best become even better

Transforming services for a UK Government Agency

The business case for our recommended changes provided our client’s department with a projected net financial saving of around 30% per annum in Years 2 and 3 and £1.36m per annum by Year 5.

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Fit for the future

Developing a high-performance team through LAB motivational profiling

As part of a wider brief to achieve cost efficiencies for a London Council across a range of business processes, ValueAdding Learning consultants have been helping our client’s Head of Business Improvement develop a team to make it all happen...

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