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Benefits Delivery Model

BDM-4-stage-processWould you benefit from a consolidated, systematic and practical approach to ensure the 'delivery of benefits' within your projects?

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Our experience has taught us that the success of any implementation will depend upon the attitude of the staff and managers involved. Our approach to delivering benefits combines traditional project management skills with workshops and sophisticated techniques for ensuring real, measurable benefits are realised. We involve staff at every level during the project ensuring:

  • The quality, and practicality, of our plans and actions are based on real experience in the organisation
  • The commitment of staff to implementing the changes
  • Skills transfer during the project Four Stage Benefits Delivery Model

Strategic Checklist

At we understand all aspects of achieving the delivery of benefits within a project. A study, or report, that sits on a shelf will not achieve improvements. We are committed to results through systematic implementation principles. The Benefits Delivery Model takes a modular approach based on four Stages.

Within each of these stages there are several customisable modules, depending upon the requirements of the project, and work completed to date. The four stages are:

1. Preparation Stage

2. Planning Stage

3. Delivery Stage

4. Learning Stage

Some of the building blocks of the delivery process may already have been completed. However, we know that missing out the initial stages can have very dire consequences later on. We will make sure the foundations are in place for a successful project, and then 'deliver the goods'

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